Sears Point Raceway
Sonoma, California
October 7, 2001

CSRG Fall Vintage Auto Race

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Group 1 grid 

'70 Winkleman WDF-2 FF

Group 1 first lap

"May Special" DKW engined 1100cc 2 stroke triple!

'71 Lola Super Vee

'69 Bobsy FF 

Which Class? None.

The Ace of Pace

Sears Point's new & temporary Dogleg of Death

'64 Elva Mk7S BMW

The '64 Elva Mk7S BMW leading a '63 Lotus 23B

A '65 Lotus 23b leading a '69 Brabham BT29

'67 Lola T 70 Mk IIIB

'68 McClaren M6B

'66 Brabham BT-18

'68 McClaren M6B

The '68 McClaren M6B leading the '64 Elva Mk7S

'68 McClaren M6B

The Brabham BT29 hitting the dogleg hard.

Overview of the old start area. What a mess!

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