This lovely bike was given to me, and despite the fact that it has gotten nothing but abuse
and a complete lack of maintenance, this 21 year old  piece of #$%@ still starts right up
and runs. Still has the original oil in it. Makes a good pit bike.  No it doesn't.

Last years ISDT winner? No.

Just as pretty from the rear.

Please note:

I get more mail on this bike than any other.
Generally, people want to know the answer to
the following, so let me answer them now:

Q: Do you have a manual for it?  A: No
Q: Do you want to sell it?  A: No
Q: If you throw it away will you give it to me? A: No.
Q: Do you know what one is worth?  A:No
Q: Do you know where to get parts? A: No
Q: Can you answer any questions at all about this bike? A: Not really.

Seems that  at least Counter people get confused really easily.

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