Napa, California
January 7, 2001

Les, Craig, Glynn & Linda have a
great day accomplishing nothing...
Les and I went to Glynn Baker's Cosmic Steward Winery in Napa  where Les
has his 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury, ostensibly to replace the radiator on the old
girl. However, after an hour of futzing around, we found that the radiator fan 
that we had brought was not correct. So... instead of working, we took a tour
of the facilities and taste-tested the fantastic house Grappa, a great '98 Syrah,
and had multiple glasses of multiple blends of the 2001 product, right out of
the barrels. After about 1/2 gallon of wine each, we discovered that the part
that we thought was wrong, was right! However... after all of the grape juice
that we'd had, we decided to just finish the day drinking and reminiscing
instead of performing any filthy car repairs. What a great decision!

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