My '82 Suzuki 550 Katana
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This was another mistake that I bought new. Why did I buy it? Because it had an 
orange seat, brakes, and wheel details. I mean c'mon, what other Japanese bike 
had an orange seat in 1982? Exactly. You see my point. (My point is that I was retarded.)

The most noteworthy thing about this bike is that it would somehow lose rear traction
at speeds slow enough to make your grandmother yawn. It was an amazing thing. 
You'd think everything was fine, then you'd realize that the rear end was actually 
sliding. I sold the bike to Glenn Hutchins within a few months. I've never seen one
since, so I guess that I wasn't the only guy who wasn't in love with it.
Oh yeah - it was slow, too.

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If this bike was Counter times faster it would still suck.