Monterey Historic Races - August 28. 1999
Monterey, California
Action Photos
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Turn two, first lap, head of the pack.
Watch the Corvette Gran Sport in 3rd place... 
3rd lap, running away from the pack.
Oops, the GS worked it too hard...
but only lost one position!
Auto Union "Berkswagon" hillclimber
Mark Donahue's SCCA AMC Javeline
Very early Cadillac racer
Mercedes SLR
Stirling Moss in the one-off DB2 takes to the dirt...
Stirling Moss about to nail a very expensive Devlin...
The Devlin's backwards and Stirling's still in the dirt
Note the crease in the Devlin's fender...
and Stirling tops it off by nailing a Monsterati!
Alfa Zagato Kammback and a Shelby Mustang
A moving history of Formula One cars
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