1980 Motobecane S80 / Puch Magnum 
This was another bike bought from school chum Dee Chips. Dee was running a bicycle shop  
in Dallas, Texas (between bong hits) that had just branched out into mopeds. They had two 
new Motobecane S80's and two Puch Magnums, which were almost identical down to the 
color scheme.  Dee and I each bought a Motobecane, and the Puch's sat unpurchased.  
Riding a no-ped was just too bizarre for the average Texan, but to ask Bubba to ride one 
named after dang'o upchuck was really asking a lot. 

This new bike cost me $400, and I may have put 50 miles on it before selling it for 
$350. It was a cool bike, and worked well, but it was just too slow for me to enjoy.  
Note: These photo's are not of my bike- mine was the same color but wore the  
Motobecane tank badges and was in perfect shape when sold.

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I was beat up by rednecks Counter times while riding this bike.