1980 / 82 Vespa P200E 

The bike is a 1980 model with "year first sold" on the title showing 1982. I guess it sat around the dealership for a while looking for that first owner. That, or it served as the shop racebike for two years befire some poor sucker bought it as new. We'll never know... will we? 
Urban Renewal or Urban Blight? You be the judge.
Working toward the Fastest Dork In 
The Parking Lot record.

Looks sleek from the side, eh?

Uh Oh! It's the Dork Fairing! Works great, though...
Note the decibel packin' dual front-mounted
Fiamm horns. Do this. It's great fun.
A few extra mirrors and a quick shave and it'll be
Quadrophenia Time. 

 Next section: The De-evolution Of Man, sometimes known as Silly Fat Guy Syndrome. 

Subtitled- "Why does a tiny bike and a camera make a grown man act like a moron?" 

Dumb, but could probably cross traffic alone. Maybe.
I.Q. went down 50 points with the addition of the Pudding Bowl.
Please don't look at my ankles. It angers me... 
PS: Note how this Moronic Moment kicked the P200E badge on the side loose. Oy.
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