My 1985 Morini 501 Camel

I loved this bike. It was a blast to ride and would wheelie like nobodys business.  
I fell off of it more times than I can count but it never damaged the bike. It was just  
too tall for me and the tires didn't work on the street OR the dirt.  It was very exciting to 
kill accidentally it at a traffic light with cars behind me. I was too short to kick start the thing 
with the left side lever without putting it on the centerstand, so I'd have to jump off the bike 
and push it to the curb to restart it. Made me feel really... special. Seemed to happen 
all the time. Combined with the massive body bruising I was getting by falling off the thing,  I 
sold it pretty quickly.  

 Note the slick dual high-rise megaphones under the fender. 
The exhaust was custom fabricated by
Dave Rash of D & D Enterprises and sounded fantastic.
Another view that shows the megaphones.
The Urbane Assult Vehicle in its element.
 I fell off this thing Counter times, at least.
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