Me and my '74 Honda CR125 Elsinore 
This was my fifth bike, and I bought it for $200 from national BMX contender and budding motocrosser 
Dee Chips in 1977. The engine on this bike had been highly modified and was none too reliable, but it   
was a blast as a trail bike. The front wheel spent little time on the ground due to the knife-edged 
powerband, and it was easily the  most evil handling bike I'd ridden  up to then.  I learned to pay close 
attention on this bike- it pitched me off more times than I can count, and I'm glad it did. Hopefully I 
banked enough Crash Karma to keep earning interest for years to come. 

Note the skinny fork tubes, the wimpy swingarm, and the single frame downtube. And how about 
those HUGE brakes? I've seen larger diameter drums attached to wind-up monkeys. What was Honda  
thinking? More importanly, what was I thinking? Not much, honestly. I rode the hell out of this thing 
for a summer, then sold it to some kid before it exploded and cost a fortune. I heard that the kid 
missed a gear within a week of buying it and grenaded the motor quite spectacularly.  

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I crashed this bike over Counter times with only minor brain damage.