My 84 Yamaha FJ1100

Purchased nearly new in 1986. This bike got me into the computer business. How? I sold it to a friend
on a "payment plan", and he traded me a new single floppy Tandy 1000EX computer that his Grampa
had given him for his last payment. That thing pissed me off so bad I wrestled it at least 12 hours a day
for a full year, until I'd fully mastered the evil Dos 2.1 OS and the cantankerous Tandy hardware. It lead to
a technolgy obession that I'm yet to shake...

So fast, smooth, and competent that it was kinda boring, in a relative sort of way.
I had this bike at the same time that I had the RZ350 and the Laverda Jota 1000
and this guy didn't get ridden much. While this one was fastest,
but the others seemed more fun to ride back then.
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