My 1982 Laverda Jota 1000 Triple.
My favorite big bike ever.
This was the last year for the 180 degree crank Jota's. The 180 degree crank gives a completely   
unique two up, one down firing order. This is responsible for the fantastically nasty sound  
and loping idle. Talk about character!  

I holed the center piston near redline in top gear with a passenger (Les Baker) on the back a few 
months after buying this bike. Since the engine would now have to be rebuilt anyway, I decided 
to have some modifications done that echoed those made to the open class Laverda Jota racer  
campaigned by BMW of Fort Worth. The BMW of Fort Worth techs overbored the cylinders, 
milled the the cases to accomidate a set of deep skirted high-compression pistons, and also  
installed bigger valves, a hotter cam, bench flowed and ported the head,  and added new 40mm 
Dell Orto double pumper carbs. The final compression ratio was 14:1, if you can imagine that.  
The bike was still not quite as fast the FJ1100 that I also had at the time, but it was incredibly  
torquey and was subjectively amazing.  It sounded great, with a slow lopey idle and a severe  
case of the 180 degree triple shakes, but in a good way.  It was completely well behaved as  
long as it got the high octane gas it required. It started easily and idled well.  
Those guys know Laverdas. 

Two pieces of modern art, in screaming orange.
The best burgers in the west, courtesy of Nick and George. Note the tightly tucked hand built 3 into 1 exhaust. This was fabricated on the bike by Dave Rash of D & D Enterprises.  The fit was so precise you couldn't slip two business cards between the pipe and the frame.  The bike is fitted with the dual seat for this outing.  
Yep, I used to ride around like this. The cops are probably still looking for this guy.
With the stock Conti 3 into 2 exhaust. 
At BMW of Forth Worth before I bought it. I owned it within a day of seeing it for the first time.
Note the handbuilt D & D exhaust. The bikle came to me with a black D & D, a chrome D & D, 
the stock Conti's, and two seats. It had all of 1900 miles on the clock.
Click here for a 177k audio file of the Jota being warmed. (Turn it up LOUD!)
Another shot in front of the old BWM of Fort Worth on 28th Street.
Ride 'em, Cowboy!
Looks like Counter people have considered a Jota.
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