1982 Honda MB5 
This bike was a real turning point for me. I bought it for one reason- it's redline.
I was fascinated by the fact this thing could rev so high. That  sounded so cool...
before I bought it. The fact is, I hate extended high revs, I just didn't know it
when I bought it. This bike made me a nervous wreck. While I knew intellectually
that the bike was fully capable of  revving all day at 10,000+ rpm, I couldn't
get used to it. My butt  was constantly takin' a  bite out of the seat because
I KNEW the engine was gonna blow and send the piston toward my family jewels at
tremendous velocity any second. I didn't keep this sucker long. FYI, the guy
I sold it to got run over by a beer truck within a week & totaled the bike.

1982 MB5 Color Brochure

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This thing almost got me run over Counter times.