NASA Track Day

Sonoma, California
March 16, 2002

The March 16th NASA track day / driver's school was
marred by a super-short track that had not been well
thought out. Not only were the turns poorly placed,
dirty, and dangerous, but the track was also run
backwards which made the run-off areas dissappear
and made most of the turns off camber. Wherever
you needed a line, there were tire barriers instead.
Even at the slow speeds demanded by the short course,
the carnage was amazing, especially with the huge
turnout. The course looked like 101 during rush hour,
Demolition Derby style.

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Skepticism set in early. Or perhaps it was just  gas.

The NASA official is justifiably concerned.
Hearing that racers often have butterflies,
he ate some.
Listen to the click-click-click of the chain
pulling the kiddie cars to the top of Magic Mountain...
Les yelled "Wheeee!" as he pedalled furiously
toward the bottom of the big scary hill.

I wanna go again! I wanna go again!
The Fiat corners amazing flat at 12.5 miles per hour.

Looks fast, less filling.
Another few corners and he'll have that NSX.
Almost looks like a race.  
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