Craig's Old Photo Archive

Modeling portfolio shots
Angelina in the studio - Silver mylar background, white umbrella, Leica M2, 90mm.
Angelina in the studio - Profile shot in black lace, white umbrella, Leica CL, 90mm.
Angelina on location - Abandoned in a garage. Leica M2, 40mm.
Angelina in the studio - Backlit formalwear, silver umbrella w/tungsten backlight, Leica CL, 90mm.
Angelina & Ashley on location - The Lost Girls. Leica CL, 40mm.
Angelina & Ashley go Underground - More Lost Girls. Leica CL, 90mm.
Ashley in the studio - Porfolio shot in bikini, , white umbrella, Leica CL, 90mm.
Ashley in the studio - Red formal gown in studio, silver umbrella, Leica CL, 90mm.
Ashley in the studio - Head shot w/ red foil background, silver umbrella, Leica CL, 90mm. 
Ashley on location - Outdoor head shot at the old mill, natural light, Leica CL, 135mm.
Danny Wright - Album cover shot for Danny Wright's "Time Windows", Leica M2, 90mm. 
Cheerleader - Outdoor shot in uniform, natural light, Leica M2, 90mm.
Biker Chic - Former Hot Rod model. She's just as tough as she looks. Leica M2, 90mm. 
Big 80's Hair - A very strange pose, Leica CL, 65mm.
Fountain pose - Head shot made in the Quad at TCU, fill flash, Leica M2, 40mm.
Porch Poser - Outdoor "street" shot, Flash fill, Leica CL, 90mm.
El Tora Roja - Outdoor natural light shot, Leica M2, 135mm.
Kim Smith - Casual shot of my mentor at The Press newspaper in 1975 / 76. Yashica FX, 50mm.

Ornette Coleman - Caravan of Dreams, 1986. Leica CL, 40mm.
Ornette Coleman - Caravan of Dreams, 1986. Leica CL, 40mm.
James Blood Ulmer - Caravan of Dreams, 1986 . Leica CL, 40mm.
Tina Weymouth & Adrian Belew Talking Heads - Dallas, 1983 . Leica M2, 135mm.
Linda Rondstadt - University of Texas at Arlington, 1976. Contax SLR, 75mm.

Puerto Vallarta - Timed exposure of the Sheraton's beach area. Contax SLR, 28mm.
Sante Fe Statuary - A bronze located in the courtyard of the Santa Fe Museum. Leica CL, 40mm.
A Capital View - Up into the rotunda in the Texas Capital building. Leica CL, 40mm. 
Dawn at the MC Park - Dawn fog over the motorcycle park. Contax SLR, 28mm. 
Hangin' Out - Way out. A friend hanging one-handed from a railroad bridge. Leica CL, 40mm. 
Mud Biker - Shot for BMX Monthly Magazine, Yashica FX, 200mm. 
Highway 35W - Long exposure night shot done in 1976. Contax SLR, 28mm.
Rat Catcher - This kid was very proud of the rat he'd just nailed.  Leica CL, 40mm.
TCD - Yes, it is true. This is a real tree climbing dog. It was amazing to see. 

Ancient History - Old Pics of family members
Mom and Dad, 1966 - This must be one of the first photos I made.
Mom at the Alamo, 1968 - An early photo that I took at age eight.
My Dad and a friend - Which one's the friend? The bird or the Camel?
Dad in the dining room, 1966 - With his best friend the Camel again
Evelyn Howell - My Mom hated this shot because it's too accurate. Leica CL, 40mm.