The Flying Seat 850 Coupe
Monterey Fiat Festival
August, 2000
While driving my 1967 Seat 850 Coupe in the Marina Autocross I had the thrill of experiencing firsthand one of the legendary handling characteristic of the Fiat 850 semi-trailing arm rear suspension. My Fiat America friend Dave caught it on video, which you can download below.

Marina Airport, Monterey California.

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Above is a vintage photo of an Abarth Zagato with an earlier version of the same 
suspension performing a similar trick at Willow Springs in 1960. Note the bizarre 
position of the driver's side rear tire and then have a look at the scuff marks on 
my driver's side rear tire.  Looks like we both got up to about the same angle.
I don't know if he was able to save it or if he rolled over. Let's hope he made it!
Click the image to zoom in.


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