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Headlines of February 21th to March 6th, 1998

Comasema, Orient 

Photo: El dia del mundo


The heirs of Mexican millionaire, Emilio Azcárraga, have decided to sell his luxury yacht Eco, the fastest yacht of its class in the world. The yacht is currently moored in the Club de Mar in Palma where it will remain until a buyer is found - not an easy task as the yacht has been valued at 7,900 million pesetas ($5.9 million USD). However, despite the millionaire figure and the very high maintenance costs, two prospective buyers have already shown interest in the yacht. According to Camper & Nicholsons, the company with exclusive worldwide selling rights, an American and a European (no names were given) have both shown interest in the yacht and have already carried out sea trials. 
The Eco, 74 metres in length and weighing 1,150 tons, can reach a speed of 32 knots, thanks to an 18,500 CV gas turbine engine, the biggest engine ever fitted to a yacht. As a comparison, the famous yacht Limitless has a maximum speed of 25 knots. The luxury vessel, made of steel and glass fibre, has many unusual features including bevelled port hole windows. It can carry 12 passengers and 17 crew. The luxury yacht was built to Azcárraga's specifications in 1989 at Blohm & Bros, the same shipyard which built the Lady Moura, also based in Palma. 
Di at Plaza Mayor 
Tanks all over 

Photos: M. Massuti/Diario de Mallorca; 
El dia del mundo 


Last Saturday, Son Bonet aerodrome in Pont d'Inca was turned into a Bosnian NATO headquarters for a day during the filming of The People's Princess, based on the life of Princess Diana
Light aircraft were replaced by tanks and jeeps, simulating Princess Diana's visit to Bosnia. Artemis Films, producing the Diana story, is using several locations on the island, adapting them to the episodes in the Princess's life. The film stars Amy Clare Seccombe as Diana and George Jakobs as Dodi Al Fayed. 
On Sunday, it was the turn of Palma's Plaza Mayor (where THE READER office is situated). Princess Diana, being chased by dozens of paparazzi, was filmed as she rushed down the steps to the Via Roma where she managed to escape into a "mysterious black limosine". Although this scene never actually occurred in real life, the producers wanted to convey the constant persecution by the media that Diana had to endure. Among the 80 extras were real life journalists and photographers of the local press and TV channels. If everything goes as planned the filming should be have been completed by 27 February and is due to be screened from 15 April on TV channels across the world. 

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