My 1980 Vespa P200Eas purchased with 480 original miles

In late 1998 I sold my stocksilver 1980 P200E to a friend for the paltry sum of $1600.
I've regreted it every since. I am happy to say that I found this near mint and decidely
unoriginal 1980P200E to replace it. Unlike the last one, this one has but 480 miles onit, 
despite being oldenough tovote.  The previous (and original) owner knew that in order to
make it perfect again after sitting for so long that he'd have to have the engine rebuilt 
and attend to the chassisas well.

TheScooter Shop inOrange, California did the work, replacing the stock shocks, tires, cables, 
brakes, and all the rubber.The engine was completely torn down and rebuilt.  Shop owner and
famed Scooter tuner Eric Larsonportedand polished the appropriate bits, replaced all seals
and bearings, added a Malossi210cc kit, weldedand balanced the crank,  then installed a 
chromed  Go-Fast expansionchamber  anda new  24mm carb.  As of today, the engine has less
than 100 miles on it. (see update link below) The bike runs and handlesgreat, and has a 
wonderful  can-of-angry-beessound that takes me back to my dirt bike days.This is by far the
tightest  Vespa thatI've had the pleasure of  sitting on.   Speakingof sitting, note the one-off
custom made seat. It's veryfirm and  thinner than  stock,and it contributes greatly to the bike's
solid feel.

Near the San Mateo bridgein Northern California 

Note the cut-down custom seat

The totally useless knee mirroris visible here

Rather clean, eh?

Fantastic Grimeca disc brakes& Bitubo shocks

Drunk & disorderly? 

Flower Power! 

Sittin' near the dock by thebay...

The New Kid in Town 
Foster City, California 
April 20, 1999
Clickhere for the January 20, 2000 update! 
Clickhere for new pictures from August 2000
Click here tosee the bike's old home and my test ride
Wow.  It seems that atleast Counter people have lotsof time on their hands.


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