Willow Springs Weekend
The Scooter Shop
Orange, California

After a pretty extensive search of Vespa's for sale, I had decided that The Scooter Shop in Orange,
California had one of two bikes that I needed to see.  I was headed to So Cal already for the
AMA Races at Willow Springs, and my two buddies were nice enough to divert a hundred miles or
so South in order to see the bikes. We ended up jamming one in the truck and bringing it home.


There she is - the cherry P200E I'd
heard about all the way up in Foster City
At The Scooter Shop, you pay before you play.
Here co-owner Greg counts up the 100's.
Finally! The test ride I'd been waiting for.
The test ride was the clincher. I bought it.
1959 Vespa 400 minicar. Perfect condition.
Co-owner Greg's rare Vespa 180 S.S.
Someone evidently got their plating for free...  Need something unique?. Try a  Scooter Caddy. 

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