Vintage Motorcyle Weekend

Sears Point Raceway
Sonoma, California
April 28, 2001

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Sears. Yep, Sears. They didn't have Wal Mart back then.

Motorized wheel. Why not? I can think of a few reasons.

Oh yeah. Pimp Daddy Cool's Mini-Bike Chopper.

Now you know why they call them sissy bars.

A warped preview of the future circa 1961.

I think that this guy was on to something. Or just on something.

Sure, let's pedal some car batteries around. Great idea.

Recreational drug usage and design don't mix.

Boot me up, Scottie.

The infamous Kushman Eagle, AKA The Fatman's Buttplug.

"M" stands for "Masochist"
Good thing it's strapped down.

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